The Problem? Food Waste.

Half of all food produced in the U.S. is thrown away in a landfill every year (globally, about one third). 

Landfills are filled with food waste which breaks down into methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than C02, and they also create leachate which contaminates ground water. As a result, the cost of food waste disposal is on the rise and increasingly cities are becoming regulated towards zero organic waste to landfill. With these growing risks, there has never been a better time to invest in on-site waste management infrastructure.

The Solution? Commercial Food Waste Dehydration.

The Hungry Giant is the leading original equipment manufacturer of food waste recycling machines with feature benefits that outclass the field. 

Hungry Giant food waste dehydration systems, engineered by Resource Environmental Solutions in Sydney, Australia and distributed in Canada by Canasco, offer all food service sites an economic solution to managing their food waste. This technology provides the most efficient solution in the food waste processing market for customers seeking to improve their bottom line. 

How It Works


  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Motor overload sensor
  • Moisture sensor instead of timer operation
  • Shaft paddles with "dull" blades
  • Proprietary cooling system
  • Automatic open/close hatch (option)
  • Automatic bin/tote lifter (option)
  • Bin counter
  • Simple one button start/stop/discharge
  • Unique heating system, no venting
  • Output (sterile biomass and condensate)
  • Enclosed lifting mechanisms (option)
  • Discharge bins safety lock
  • Emergency shut off button


  • Computerized machine control
  • Eliminates jamming
  • Saves electricity, shuts down when reaches desired moisture content
  • Macerates bulk foods like whole produce
  • Fastest processing of any dehydrator in market
  • Saves on labour hours
  • Hands free safe loading of food waste
  • No overloading of machine
  • Easy and simple to understand instructions
  • No surface too hot to touch
  • No pathogens, no BOD, no TSS
  • Prevents worker injuries
  • Machine shuts off when discharge chutes opened
  • Accessible to all users

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